Beautiful Savage Flowers see the beauty in all parts of the flower...from the grace in the stem that gives life, to the striking color and texture that makes each flower unique and special.




The goal for us at Beautiful Savage is to make a Bride's floral dream a reality on her special day.


Weddings are the core of who and what Beautiful Savage is! It's important to us that we listen to the details that each Bride gives and then translate those details into her vision of floral bliss. We do not work under any pre-packaged designs as each Bride is unique in her own way.

While weddings are the core of what we do at Beautiful Savage, we also know that there are just as many other important events in the lives of everyone that need the beauty of flowers. For these events we incorporate our same philosophy regarding weddings.

After filling out our brief questionnaire which helps to give us a few more details about your event, we will set up an appointment to discuss your vision and review your proposal.